Orange peels, daffodils & for the love of a cat

Posted on | February 10, 2012 | No Comments

The Maya we want back!

The past few days have been “exciting” in our home. Over the weekend, Maya-kitty began acting…. differently. By Tuesday morning, she was dragging. Lethargic, not eating or drinking, not following us around as usual & crying loudly. She was just not our kitty. We were in the vet with her a few weeks ago with urinary problems. I called the vet to ask if they could prescribe antibiotics, as we’d previously discussed, without a trip in. They were happy to and also prescribed some more pain meds. Several times this week, I’ve thought she wasn’t going to make it. It’s difficult taking care of a sick pet. They can’t tell you where it hurts or what’s wrong. I’ve force fed her meds. I’ve force fed her water. I’ve given her sitz baths (WOW, huh??). I’ve massaged her bladder. I’ve done hot compresses. I’ve swept up ginormous amounts of litter. I’ve wiped her down (she quit cleaning herself, too). I’ve cleaned up blood & pee.

I seriously love this cat. We. All. Do.

Today when I gave her her antibiotics, she FOUGHT me. She’s told me all week that she doesn’t like it, but today she made it AbUnDaNtLy clear that she wasn’t having any of that!!!

Maya, hopefully on the road to health

I won, by the way 😉

I know it’s not over yet. It’ll be over when she’s running around the house like a ninnypoop again 😀 And then there will still be more work. Change in diet. Close watches. And likely in the near future a urine analysis. So we continue to pray. We believe God loves all his creatures, and we pray for animals.

A simmering pot of smell good!

On other topics, we save our citrus peels. My goodness, how we LOVE the citrus in this house! We’re working on our 3rd bag of peels in the freezer. Yikes. Yesterday I pulled out a handful & put them in a small pan of water. Cinnamon sticks completed this sniffalicious potion & 20 mins later the house began to smell wonderful. Some other citrus peels are fermenting in a batch of what I hope will be an enzyme cleaner, and yet some more are turning into an orange oil cleaner. I chose not to take a picture of the enzyme brew. It’s just nasty looking. It *should* be ready in about a month. It’s been steeping for 2. Good things come to those that wait? We shall see 😉 I filled a jar with peels, then covered the peels with vinegar. This one has been going for about a month & the vinegar has already become syrup-y. I’ll report back later as to how it goes & if all goes well, how to finish this.

Will it be orange oil cleaner?

And have I mentioned…. Spring is springing! So weird in February after 3 years in the frozen tundra. Weird, but nice!


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