The Natural Survival Kit – Cold & Flu Season

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It’s that time of year again- cold & flu season. It hit our house recently & this was one NASTY bug! I’d read that this year, the flu was knocking down entire households, & we were one of those entire households. There are really so many ways to shorten the duration of both colds & flu with natural supplements, many of them FOOD, so I’ll list some of my very favourite ones here.

Some of these are from my Facebook page. I asked & you delivered!

Amy said “let the fever do it’s work, unless over 102, or person is unable to sleep because of fever. to reduce fever if needed, sponge bathe in cool water with some peppermint EO. elderberry tincture or syrup. lemon/honey tea. chicken soup in crockpot. extra fclo and vit C.” Please note- each person’s temperature varies at a normal base. Do NOT go with 102 directly. One of my kids, for instance, always runs slightly cooler than the “average” of 98.5 (therefore, he runs a fever at a lower temperature than I do). If you have any questions, contact your medical practitioner, allopathic, natural or otherwise.

Kristen said “Thieves essential oil is one of the most potent anti microbial oil blends you can get. Slather it on your feet to shorten the duration of your bug!” I’ll get a recipe up for this as soon as I can. In the meantime, make sure any use of essentials oils is properly diluted to prevent burning or irritating your skin.

Jennifer said “GARLIC! With all above lol crush a clove with the flat of knife blade let sit 10 minutes it forces the allicin to release, and swallow lol I know sounds horrible do it after you eat so no tummy upset I do it like a pill BG gulp of water and done its just like swallowing a prenatal vitamin size wise which I used to call my horse sized pills lol”

Mona said “Homemade chicken broth. The minerals and gelatin are very healing. As a preventative make at least one dish a week made from broth.”

Allison said “take an epsom salt for your sore body, It helps a lot.”

Another Amy said “i drink hot tea an honey with a splash of lemon juice an wrap up in an afaghan. hope u feel better. its never a good thing when mom is sick” (Isn’t that last part the truth??)

So, that’s some of what you guys had to offer.

My arsenal includes, but is not limited to the following:

FCLO (fermented cod liver oil) for it’s Vitamin D. We only use Green Pastures brand. When we get sick, we take mega doses.

Lemons, limes, ginger– I keep these all in my freezer. I freeze the citrus whole & find they juice SO MUCH nicer after they’ve been frozen & thawed. The ginger, I bring home, peel & freeze in knobs. Frozen ginger is a cinch to grate or thinly slice when you need it. Ginger is great to have on hand for soothing an upset tummy, making ginger honey & hot teas. I also hear it’s an aphrodisiac… *ahem* Sorry.

Garlic– especially fermented garlic. Garlic is considered an antibacterial, antiviral food.

Speaking of fermented foods– I like to keep kombucha, kefir & fermented fruits & veggies on hand. While we incorporate this into our daily routine, we up them when cold & flu are imminent.

Thieves Oil Spray– This is a simple mix of a tablespoon or 2 mixed into a spray bottle of raw apple cider vinegar. This replaces the need for chemical, disinfectant sprays, yet it acts the same way. We also keep thieves oil hand sanitizer on hand!

Bone Broth– When one is sick, typically the appetite is the first thing to go. Even if you don’t have a stomach issue, a lot of times, eating is just… bleh. When I have a simple cold, my appetite decreases. Now I don’t know if “Starve a fever, feed a cold” is true. I’m going with broth all around. Bone broth has enough nutrients to keep your body going. It’s easy on the tummy, takes just a few minutes to heat up on the stove & can be kept in a slow cooker on the warm setting for easy serving all day.

Epsom Salt– We keep this around solely for comfort. Epsom salt has detoxing qualities, but when we’re sick, we just want a hot bath with epsom salt to soothe our aches & pains. While we’re just thinking of the “Oooo, ahhhhh” factor, we’re also detoxing. WIN!

Elderberry tincture– This takes a little while to make, if you’re making it at home. I always have some on hand. This wonder berry has been long known for shortening the duration of the flu, as well preventing it in the first place. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, that is the best time to start taking it if you’re not already. We also like to use elderberry syrup for the kids on their pancakes, drizzled on oatmeal or yoghurt & made into a drink.

There are also MANY essential oils that help with cold & flu. I’m planning a post on various essential oils (some of my have-to-have-essentials, pun intended). There would be too many to list here, & if you’ve found me because you have the flu, the last thing you want to do is read a book right now. If you’ve found me because you have the flu, I hope you get well SOON!!


What are some of your favourite flu survival items??

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