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It’s been a couple months since I posted regularly. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I more or less disappeared for the month of August. Starting this last spring, we went through a ton of life changes & had a lot of “interesting” news.

We found out that my sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hubba was extremely distraught over this. There was a lot more to it, but we’ll leave it at that. Shortly after, we found out my father-in-law diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. Along with that, Hubba’s bonus mom went through 2 surgeries.

Many of you also knew that we were planning, praying & hoping to head back West. When we found out father-in-law had prostate cancer, we decided to postpone our plans. We began looking in the Knoxville area for a rental home. This was proving fruitless, & after a couple months of looking, we were growing weary, stressed & worried.

See, the landlords we have are WONDERFUL! The house has some issues, though. It’s a mid-century home, so things that once worked have begun to show their age. We’ve had water heater issues, toilet leaking issues, other leaks, etc., etc. The landlords have been GREAT at fixing these things in a timely fashion. However, each time something leaked, our utility bills became outrageous. We paid off our van at the beginning of the year, & I truly believe that was our saving grace. We had a month of great bills after the van payoff, then all hell broke loose. We were living more week to week than I think ever before. We just could not keep up with the bills. Each time one issue was fixed, another would arise.

Anyhoo, with all the issues, the landlords told us when we moved out, they were going to sell. They have never asked us to leave, never made us feel that we should or anything like that. We decided it would be in everyone’s best interest if we did indeed move, so they could “get out from under it.”

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As the end of our lease approached (Aug 31), our search for a home was becoming more & more exhausting. We’re not overly picky by any means, & we don’t expect a mansion. However, we don’t want to pay $800 for a $500 or $1k for an $800 house at best that would need a LOT of TLC, that quite frankly, we didn’t feel the landlords would be willing to pay for (we’re talking unfinished paint jobs, complete with roller lines where they stopped, dangerously rippled carpets, water stains on the ceiling complete with holes & cracks, and on & on).

We looked at several very small homes as well, & we realized that even though we don’t need a gigantic home, anything smaller than 1500 square feet was pushing it. We homeschool & we try to be as self sufficient as we can, so we do have a bit of stuff for our lifestyle. They are not frivolous things. We were still looking at homes a little smaller, because if the layout was right, we could make one work. We did find one that we absolutely loved & applied. We rec’d an email thanking us for our time, but they’d found a renter they felt suited their needs. We were devastated, but we felt no hard feelings & continued our search.

By the time Aug rolled around, I was ready for a nervous breakdown. We then rec’d an email from our landlords. They had decided since the rental market was horrific (something we’d figured out), they’d decided to keep the house as a rental. They said if we decided to stay, that would be great, but they wished us luck if we decided to move. But I wasn’t relieved yet. I still had to talk to Hubba about this turn of events. This proved to be a great thing, & after just a couple days of praying, we decided we were staying.


Here’s the kicker. We’d sold half our furniture & belongings & packed over half of what was left anticipating a move cross country, then a local move. So the work began “moving” back in. It still took some time before the nervous breakdown feeling would go away. Here we are 2 months after we decided to stay & we still have things in boxes & piles of stuff everywhere. We’re slowly working on it though, but the house being in disarray grates our nerves, too. The first thing we did was spend some of our moving savings to buy new (or new to us) furniture. Homeschooling nerd families have a LOT of books 😀

Recently, I also confirmed an allergy to eggs. I’ve been doing the GAPS diet now for a couple of weeks, & so far, I’m not noticing much of a change. Hubba has been working a LOT, & he recently went out of town for a week. My allergies are acting like a crazy fool. I’ve never suffered too terribly from fall allergies, but this year is different.

We’ve also got some amazing things to share. On top of not having to move (even though we basically moved, we just didn’t have to lift the beds & couch, LOL), my Mum has been to visit a few times, & we’ve been to visit her & other family. My Hubba has begun mending a relationship with someone he deeply cares about.

The 2 youngest boys & I got to go to the World’s Longest Yard Sale. We took my Mum, & we had SUCH a blast!! I found an old butter mold, old glass Pyrex juicer & some other things I was on the hunt for. But really, the fun of it was the most amazing part! We also got a new puppy, & we’re working hard on training him. We love him to pieces.

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Last but not least, and I’m sure I’m leaving some stuff out (but when you’re a little brain dead from stress & happenings, you tend to forget things), I started a new venture. With the help of KeryAnn of Intentionally Domestic (I like to say she coerced me, LOL), I became an independent distributor for It Works! Global.

Along with the daily mundane life- laundry, cleaning, working, etc, life got crazy, hectic & stressful. I can’t apologize for my absence, just like I won’t apologize to those out West for not being able to move back. Life happens. Roll with the punches, cry & scream a little, & hopefully you’ll come out on the other side with a smile. I’m thankful, though, for the support system I’ve had. While I mention not apologizing to those out West, don’t take that as they’re complaining. They aren’t. They’ve all been very understanding, even though they were as excited as we were for us to go back 🙂

Along with the above, we’ve had one other earth shattering (even if only our own) event, that I won’t be discussing on the blog here at this time. While this change is ultimately for the better, it has NOT been (and still isn’t) an easy road.

Note: I had this written up & just before I was about to post it, I got extremely sick & landed in the hospital, but I’ll save that post for another day! I know this one has gotten a little bit long 🙂


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  1. Robert Leeper
    October 13th, 2013 @ 9:20 pm

    I love you…Always and Forever.

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