Life Lately Pt. 2

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It’s been 4+ months since I updated everyone on our life. Four. Months. I’m sorry. My name is Mud & all that other stuff. Let me explain… This is a VERY in depth story of my hospitalization, so be warned.

The last paragraph in that post states that I was hospitalized. I came down with pneumonia. It took 4 days to escalate from a  “cold” to full blown pneumonia. An EMT friend of mine said this last season was BADBADBAD for upper respiratory illnesses & that the pneumonia she’d dealt with was no joking matter (not that it ever is, but it was all out of whack & BADBADBAD).

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I woke up Saturday with a “cold.” Monday evening, I had to wrestle with the puppy, as he was shedding dirt (literally). I got so winded that I couldn’t breathe. Chalk it up to over exertion while in the throes of a super nasty cold, right?? Wrong. Less  than 24 hours later, we were pulling into the urgent care. I was seen pretty quickly, as usual. They took my oxygen saturation (you know the thing they clip on your finger, & it has a digital read out? That).

The lady walked out of the room & returned very quickly with a doctor. HE took my oxy-sat reading, & I was told “We can’t help you. You need to go to the emergency room. Do we need to call you an ambulance?” I declined & they took my oxy-sat one more time. It went from 85 to 82 just while I was sitting there. Anything less than 90 is bad. 95 or more is where the docs like you to be. If you’ve read my blog or Facebook page, you know I’m not fond of docs, but I DO believe they have a place in society. If they are utilized as needed & not worshiped as society does, they can be a life saver. Literally.

Anyhoo, the kinda funny part (looking back now) was that Hubba was AT HOME looking for our insurance card. Urgent care was closing soon, so we had to get me in, but since I’d never been seen there, they needed my card. We couldn’t find it before we left. So, he dropped me off & went home to look for it. Something about the new ones not getting switched out or something. I don’t remember now. The fact that I can remember any of this is pretty amazing. I was so foggy for WEEEEEKKKKSSS at this time.

Anyway, I call him & tell him not to worry about the card; they can’t see me; we have to go the ER; been there for UTI’s; etc; so on; so forth. He zooms back to pick me up. The urgent care is not charging me for the visit since they can’t help (I thought that was super of them!), & they wrote a note on prescription paper to the ER that I am to show them as soon as I get there. That piece of paper was like the golden ticket. I was rushed to triage, zero waiting in the waiting room. Yeehaw!!!

No. Wait. Nevermind.

I was triaged, put in an ER room, hooked to an IV & monitors & ordered for x-rays, injectable steroids & a CT scan + whatever else they ordered. Apparently, though, I’m allergic to steroids. After they injected the steroids, I was sitting up, talking (I was in fairly good spirits, surprisingly, maybe a little upset that I was down- I loathe being sick!!!), laughing a little, crying over being sick, then BOOM! I started feeling like I needed to throw up. I was dizzy & started feeling less & less control over my body. I told Robert frantically “I don’t feel well! I REALLY don’t feel well!!!”

He rushed out of the room to tell the nurse’s station & by the time he & a nurse returned I was in the process of flopping back on the gurney, semi-passing out & petite mal seizing!! Hubba said the next thing HE knew, the room was FILLED with medical staff & they were throwing furniture out of the room. What’s really strange (to me, anyway) is that I can REMEMBER having my eyes closed while this is all going on & HEARING every word they were saying. I was trying to speak & tell them to leave me alone, to get their hands off of me & that I was fine (I most certainly was not!) & pushing them away with my hands.

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The poor little girl in the ER room was SO upset. She kept apologizing & said at my age & being relatively healthy, they were all SHOCKED that I went down like that.

Anyway, this was all on a Tuesday night. I was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. During my stay I was on breathing treatments, 2 types of intravenous antibiotics & complete bed rest (Hubba helped me to the bathroom when no one was looking, hehe!! I used that bedside portable toilet thing twice while I was there- yuck!). I also ended up having to demand they wrap my IV ports (yes, plural) & allow me to shower.

During my stay, the fruit salads that the hospital offered got a little old (I couldn’t stand the food, & by the 3rd fruit salad, I didn’t want that either). All I could handle in the mornings were the not-very-good-bacon, orange juice, coffee & whole milk. Hubba was staying each night. He’d head home in the morning, shower change & pick up anything we needed. He brought me clothes, snacks & my favourite things- RAW MILK & COOKED BACON!!! Love that man! He also brought some other goodies, but when you have raw milk & cooked bacon, WHO CARES, RIGHT!?!?!

So, finally, Friday my oxy sats were consistently above 92 & I was made to walk the floor, so they could check my saturation levels after “exertion.” I asked if I could get out of my room & walk. I was told that last day to walk about as much as possible. YAY! We popped down to the cafeteria & the gift shop. Boy, did I walk slow, but I was so happy!

We went home after stopping by the pharmacy to pick up a round of antibiotics & an inhaler. Hubba swore me off mommy & wife duties for awhile. Thankfully, my Mum was there during this whole ordeal. She had shown up Friday to help with apples- 3 bushels for canning- that I’d purchased. Little did we know why she was REALLY coming!). She left Monday morning, after I swore I’d be ok. My boys are old enough to be semi-self-sufficient, so that too was a blessing!

There is STILL more to this story, but I realize this has gotten long. I’ll pause for now, & take a deep breath (you take these things for granted, by the way!). Stay tuned, as I am currently writing Pt. 3 & hopefully the ending to this saga of respiratory woe.

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