Life Lately Pt. 3

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Part one is here.

Part 2 is here.

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This is part 3…

I had my follow up appointment to be sure I was healing from the pneumonia. All looked well according to the doctors. Yay! Hubba hadn’t been believing me when I’d told him I was healing & feeling better. He decided I would be allowed to do¬† laundry again. Goofy guy. Just like an overprotective Mom!! After a couple weeks, I was feeling SO much better & decided I was going to make a small task/goal/to do list for the following week. I do mean small. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to learn to say no, slow down when I’m sick, etc.

We’d just had a SMALL family birthday party for Sebastion. My Mum was up visiting again (LOL) & we’d had my in-laws visit just for a Saturday. Monday morning, luck would have it I awoke with a “cold.” Tris had come down with one over the weekend, & my body just wasn’t ready to deal with something as small as a cold just yet! By Tuesday, I was yet again in the urgent care. This time I had BRONCHITIS!! 4 weeks to the day from walking into the urgent care with pneumonia! This “cold” season was NOT treating me well. Another round of antibiotics, a couple more weeks & I was on my way to breathing properly again!

Now… after all this, we headed into the busiest time of the year. Thanksgiving was spent at my parent’s house. Christmas was at our house, but we decided to KISS. Lasagna (one GF & one regular), salad & garlic bread. I had each of the sets of parents bring a beverage to share & a dessert to share. It turned out lovely.

Once the holidays were over, I was anxiously awaiting the new year. I just knew that once the new year rang in, things would calm down. I was really just kinda wrong about that. What I didn’t realize is that the house was ATROCIOUS from Momma being out of commission for 6 weeks. I mean, this gal held the couch down for SIX weeks straight. Fo’realz, no lyin’, literally.

Once I was able to get off the couch, it was gogogo. It was even more gogogo, because I was gogogoing SLOWLY. LOL! There was a fridge to scrub, floors to peel dirt & other unidentified guck off of & dust bunnies the size of Alaska to unearth & wrastle up the tube of the vacuum. There was schoolin’ to grade, schoolin’ to catch up on & schoolin’ to school. There were lists to be made- groceries to replace, toiletries we’d gotten low on, stockpiles to replenish (this is why sometimes I don’t skip my Amazon Subscribe & Save shipments even if I don’t need them now. An extra tube of toothpaste comes in handy when Momma’s sick).

January also held the wee-est bub’s birthday, so there was no slowing down in January. At the end of January/beginning of January, we were also invited to Robert’s grandmother’s 95th birthday celebration. So we went to Georgia to visit & stayed with my Mum. We left, but we left the 2 youngest dudes there to visit. A week later, I was picking them up & staying the weekend.

Now that that’s all done with, I’ve been able to concentrate on our home. I’ve also been able to better concentrate on my Crazy Wrap Business! I LOVE selling the wraps, & I’ll be back soon with my own testimony. Of course, if you have any questions before I get back, be sure to leave a comment! I love talking wraps (wait, no. I just love talking. Period, HAHA!!).

So, I’m HOPING to get back to blogging regularly again & posting to our **NEW** Facebook page regularly again!

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