9 Things To Do With Bananas

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We love bananas in this house. We love banana bread and banana sauce and anything else banana. Bananas make a great snack and are wonderful with breakfast. I read once upon a time that 1 banana can fuel a tennis game. That’s a lot of oomph for a little piece of fruit. Locally, I often find several bunches for free. Instead of them going to waste, a store here offers them free of charge when they are “too ripe” to sell.

But what else can this magic fruit do? If you’re not latex sensitive, read on.

Smoothies, Oats and Yogurt

We like to add bananas to our smoothies. They add a natural sweetness, and they are great for thickening the smoothies up. Bananas are best added to smoothies if you first peel them, cut into chunks and flash freeze them (this means spread them out on a parchment lined cookie sheet & freeze. When you put them in a baggy or container after they’re frozen, they don’t stick in one big glob). I like to keep a container of flash frozen chunks for this purpose.

Fresh bananas are wonderful mashed and added to yogurt.  My husband likes those “fruit on the bottom” yogurts. Since I quit buying those, I now make them. I add a half mashed bananas and a heaping spoonful of organic strawberry jam to the bottom of a half pint jar and spoon in yogurt on top. He loves them.

Like the yoghurt, we also like to mash bananas up and serve in our oatmeal. Overripe bananas work well for all three of these purposes.

Banana Sandwiches, Banana Bread and Fried Bananas

Mmmm, banana sandwiches are so good. My kids like them with peanut butter. Simply spread your peanut butter on some bread, slice your bananas onto that and top with another piece of bread. Me? I love it done with salted butter instead of peanut butter.

Another favorite in this house is banana bread. When your bananas are fully ripe (and even a little beyond), mash’em up and make banana bread. If you have a lot, you can make several loaves, or you can flash freeze them to thaw and make banana bread later.

Again, fresh or overripe bananas make an amazing sauce or fried bananas. Slice your bananas. Heat some butter (or use coconut oil if you’re lactose intolerant) in a skillet. Add your bananas & cook til butter is golden brown, bananas are soft & gooey and all is heated through. If you’d like to add a little sucanat or other sweetener, feel free to do so when you add the bananas. I think it’s sweet enough as is. I do occasionally like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon when I add my bananas, though. Serve in yogurt, oats or over pancakes. YUM!

Of course, you can also just slice up fresh bananas and serve those over pancakes as well. It’s delicious like that, too.

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Banana Ice “Cream,” Banana Pops and Banana Splits

Several years ago on one of my mainstream diets, I’d read about banana ice “cream.” Using the flash freeze method above, you put your frozen chunks of banana into a blender or food processor and blend them until they are ice cream consistency. You can add cocoa powder to taste, vanilla bean scrapings or peanut butter for some flavour variations. It is super tasty!

Banana pops are so much fun and so easy to make. Cut bananas in half. Slide a popsicle stick into the cut end. Freeze until firm. Get the kids in the kitchen now to help with this. They’ll have a blast, but be ready to hear “Are they done yet?” After your bananas are frozen, dip the bananas into melted chocolate. To this melted chocolate you can whisk in some peanut butter if you’d like. After dipping in chocolate, roll the bananas in coatings of choice- chopped nuts, coconut flakes, chia seed, etc. Pop back into the freezer and freeze until firm. Watch the kids’ faces light up.

Last but not least, the traditional banana split is a wonderful, fun and yummy way to serve bananas. Typically and traditionally, the bananas are cut in half lengthways. We like to slice them in slices. We put them in a bowl, plop some homemade ice cream on top, then top with toppings of choice. We like things like nuts, shredded coconut, raw sunflower seeds, homemade chocolate syrup, etc.

Still Wanting More??

Still have lots of bananas? Check out these links to great recipes and ideas for things to do with bananas. They’re cheap, yummy and good for you. They contain lots of potassium, which is great for leg cramps.

Banana Tacos

Banana Pudding

Banana Egg Pancakes (She calls these stupid easy, & they’re only 2 ingredients!)

Chocolate Banana Milkshakes, just 3 ingredients!

Buttermilk Banana Ice Cream

What’s YOUR favourite way to eat bananas??

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