Please allow me to reintroduce myself

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If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that a couple+ years ago I got extremely sick (you can red about that here, here & here if you missed those or are a new follower). Since then it’s been difficult for me to do a lot of things, one of them being focusing on writing.

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Along with being sick we have had a couple of family members that have become sick. We’ve also moved yet again. Actually, we’ve moved twice. The first time we were basically kicked out of our home with 34 days notice. This was a non-renewal of lease, after being promised a renewal & absolutely NOTHING that WE did wrong! Thankfully, God had already moved that mountain before we arrive to climb it. Just a couple of hours before I found out that are lease was not being renewed, I had a friend of mine offer to rent her house out to us. It would have saved us some money, but at the time that she mentioned that I was thinking no no no. I really didn’t want to move again, much less into a considerably smaller house. In the great plan of God, He decided that I was wrong.

We had 34 days to move from a 2300 square foot home into a home approximately 1200 square feet. We were there for about 9 months, until Roberts job wanted to move him to West Tennessee. As thankful and grateful as we were for that house we were so overwhelmed that we became almost depressed there. Even the cat and the dog quit playing. I was really worried about our cat. We really thought she was dying. 3 days after we moved into our home in West Tennessee (1800 square feet), she began playing and running and meowing and rubbing up against us and loving us just like she had a year before. I was so thankful for this.

Needless to say the further along we got the less inclined I was to write. Besides my life is a lot more than just food. I have just been incredibly overwhelmed for the last couple of years. I’ve tried to write. I really have. It just wasn’t in me. My heart wasn’t in writing. And I think you all saw that. So I’m here today to let you know that I am hoping to make your return. However, don’t expect just food, just recipes, I am going to break out of the “food blogger” mold.

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We are currently living on 6 acres in (more like just outside) a small town. We are raising chickens for eggs and meat, rabbits for meat, and we hope to expand raising our own food. We grew very small garden this last summer. We moved here in January of last year, so that meant having a smaller garden then I would have preferred. However, in traipsing our property, I have found an extremely large plot that I am going to use as a garden. I hope to also incorporate that into my blogging.

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On top of that I am a homeschooler so I want to share with you the things that we do, & I just basically want to encompass my entire life into this blog. If I can help one person learn something new, or I can inspire one person to grow a small container garden, home school their child or anything that would help better their lives, I really hope to do that. I focused on food for far too long. I’m not a food blogger. I’m not a mommy blogger. I just want to blog all the things I do, like I used to.

I appreciate everyone that hung on the last couple of years hoping that I would return. You guys are the reason why I’m here, and you are the reason why I am returning. The next few blog posts will probably be more snippets than writing. I want to share where were living, the beauty that God has bestowed upon us and the blessings that we are making ours. Thank you for sticking with me, & I hope I don’t disappoint.

Allow me to reintroduce myself
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