How to Make Your Own Garlic Powder

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How to make garlic powder   I love garlic in any shape or form. A few years ago I tried the Frontier brand garlic powder and I fell in love with it. It was so fresh tasting. I added it to my Amazon Subscribe and Save program. I decided I had to have it on hand all the time.

At some point in time I was going through my produce bowl and I saw that my bag of garlic was beginning to sprout. However, some of it was salvageable. I decided rather than let it go to waste I would attempt to make my own garlic powder. I’ve made it several times since. We absolutely love it. It’s even fresher tasting than Frontier and I don’t have to worry about the powder clumping up in my soups & stews.

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It’s really good enough that I’ve decided this year I’ll be making it for gifts for Christmas.

First, start by taking an amount of garlic in your choice. I really recommend that to make this worth it you start with at least a pound of garlic. Spice World offers a one pound bag of heads of garlic – whole heads not just the cloves. Here lately, for several several months now, they’ve been offering it in their 1 1/4 pound bags.

At the same rate when you’re doing this much of an amount of garlic powder sometimes it helps to go a little bit farther. Sam’s Club offers a three pound bag of garlic that is already peeled all I have to do with this one is cut off the  root ends.

Make your own garlic powder

If you’re starting with whole garlic heads break them apart, peel them, and cut the root and off. After you get that done get them placed into a food processor. You may need to do this in batches. I have a Kitchen Aid immersion blender with chopper base that usually takes several batches to do. In the picture, you’ll see that I upgraded to a Ninja processor. Any processor or food chopper will do!

Once you have all of your garlic chopped up in the processor, you’ll need to lay it on your dehydrator sheets. Make sure you spread it out so that it is as evenly thin as possible. I like to make mine no thicker than about 3/16 of an inch. Get your dehydrator going. This is really a task that you should do outside. I put mine on my covered porch but in the past I have also utilized a shed or garage. It gets very very stinky, so this is not something you want to do inside.

How to make your own garlic powder 2

After about 12 hours, check your garlic. Once it is to the crispy and brittle stage you can remove this from your dehydrator. Make sure you break it into smaller pieces by just crumbling it. Put it in your spice or coffee grinder. If you use a coffee grinder make sure you label it for spices only. Garlic flavoured hazelnut coffee probably is not a good thing.

If you live in a very humid area, you’ll want to spread it out on your dehydrator again and dry just another hour or so before jarring it up. Once you have all of your garlic dried and powdered, you can store it in a jar.

MYO garlic powder
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