The Economy Posts….

I realize that Part 3 of the economy posts has not been posted this week. It’s been an insane, overwhelming week with a broken washer, canceled classes all week & lots of emotions. I just finished wrapping up part 3, and will add to it as I can over the next few days. It’s set […]

Dairy kefir questions

From the comments & personal messages I’ve received the following questions. I’ll be answering these based solely on my own experiences, as both of these issues/questions, I have experienced/done myself. My kefir clots up like cottage cheese. It smells good and tastes great but what am I doing wrong that yours is liquid (my kids […]

It’s time for a change….

I’m post dating this, so scroll down for newest posts!! We’ll be moving soon (soon, I hope). Life will no longer be in Small Town Wyoming. So now I’ve got a decision to make. I plan on renaming the blog….. but I’m not sure what. I’m asking your help. Here is what I’ve come up […]

Questions about kefir

“I’ve heard of kefir, but I’m not really sure what it is.” Kefir (dairy and water) is a probiotic drink. It has many of the same benefits as yoghurt, however, it has more of a probiotic punch. Kefir does more to balance your system & heal your “gut” with good bacteria. Kefir can also be […]

Questions about kefir

“Hey, I’d like some but have on question, will they keep until our cow freshens end of April? I know very little about kefir, just what I’ve read on your blog but want to try some.” Dried kefir grains will keep for several months if stored in an airtight container in cool, dry conditions. To […]

From the comments

Danielle asked: What’s up with the fermenting ketchup? recipe? and the why behind it, please? Fermenting ketchup is just another sneaky way to get probiotics into the kids. Almost any fermented food is a health benefit, and since my kids love ketchup, I figured why not? The recipe is linked in the original post I […]

Hopefully she won’t smack me for this…..

But it made me chuckle (sniffing her sourdough) & it’s valuable info….. She didn’t say DON’T publish it, she just said I didn’t HAVE TO. And since her sourdough ROCKS, I feel I SHOULD post it….. Millie left a comment on my menu post about my sourdough. I should have let you sniff my sourdough […]

I’m alive

Busier than a pack o’ flies on dog poo. Mmmm, bet you’re hungry now, huh? LOL… I’ve started an evening job on top of everything else, so I’ve been exhausted! Plus I lost the batteries to my camera & we all know what a camera happy hog I am. I don’t like posts with no […]

Hey Tatersmama?

I turned the cutouts to the back, hehe (I iz so ‘neaky!)….You WILL blog *when* you redo your table, right? (The above conversation- per the comments section) Like this? You may also be interested in:Questions about kefirI’m alive

Answers to the comments

Tatersmama (I think that is such a cute name, BTW!) wrote:   Isn’t it a great feeling, knowing that you have all that food put away for the year? But tell us about the meatloaf muffins – or are they just mini meatloaves?   I LOVE canning, growing, preserving, shopping bargains to provide for my […]

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