Fisherman Eggs + a Collection of Egg Recipes

Since we raise chickens & ducks for eggs, we often have an abundance of eggs. I’m always on the lookout for egg recipes. A couple years ago, I came across numerous recipes for Fisherman Eggs. Some were intricate & involved. Some were simple. We tried them with plain, canned sardines & fell in love. Recently […]

Huevos Ranch-tatoes, erm… Rancheros

Last week, I was craving Heuvos Rancheros for breakfast, but I didn’t feel like fooling with tortillas. Yes, I make them from scratch when I’m feeling froggy. I was thinking doing eggs & beans, which we’ve done in the past & liked. I was considering hashbrown potatoes, when it dawned on me that hashbrowns as […]

Chocolate Granola

  Its been almost 4 years since we ditched the overly processed, mainstream bags, boxes & packages. Yet my kids still remember the tastes of some of those things. Cold breakfast cereals in a box have been one of the hardest things to replicate. Sure, I make granola, & yes, we purchase organic brands of […]

Breakfast Sausage

I love to make breakfast for dinner. I’ve been trying for years to perfect a sausage recipe, and a couple weeks ago, Hubba said I did just that. I think part of the problem was that I was using ground beef, which is perfectly acceptable (as is any other ground meat), but pork really seems […]

Creamy Rice Cereal (or pudding if you prefer)

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