Fisherman Eggs + a Collection of Egg Recipes

Since we raise chickens & ducks for eggs, we often have an abundance of eggs. I’m always on the lookout for egg recipes. A couple years ago, I came across numerous recipes for Fisherman Eggs. Some were intricate & involved. Some were simple. We tried them with plain, canned sardines & fell in love. Recently […]

4 Ingredient Salmon Mousse In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Sometimes paleo-ish-ers need a late night snack. Yes, a couple of us have gone paleo-ish. We’ve kept dairy. I read on a blog that primal is more dairy friendly, so maybe we’ve gone primal? I haven’t researched much on primal, so I don’t know if this is primal. Colour me confused 🙂 Anyhoo, this rich […]

Salmon Dip Recipe

[boilerplate ebates] You know that picky eater I have? I love him to pieces, but it’s very difficult to get nutrient dense, good-for-him foods into his little body. When I made this on a whim one day (I wanted salmon, but I didn’t want to deal with making salmon cakes), I told him it was […]

Grilled Cod

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