Please allow me to reintroduce myself

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that a couple+ years ago I got extremely sick (you can red about that here, here & here if you missed those or are a new follower). Since then it’s been difficult for me to do a lot of things, one of […]

I yam what I yam…..

I’m a gardener. I raise small livestock. I can. I sew. I do all things primitive, and I do it on a scant more than a tenth of an acre. Then someone comes along & tells me I can’t anymore. OK, so I’m not not allowed to garden, raise small livestock, can, sew or do […]

My week long “internet sabbatical” in review

“A sabbatical is a period away from your normal routine – a time to immerse yourself in a different environment, a chance to see your life from a different perspective” This past week I have taken time away from the internet to refocus & play a little game of catch up. I did get online […]

Time to catch up….

Since TJ passed away, I’ve been very unmotivated. Between grief, the 15 days I was away from home, the 40+ hours on the road, less than optimal eating, etc. it’s been a long road getting back. A couple weeks ago here in frigid Wyoming, we had the most beautiful weather. It was in the upper […]

Garden Harvest Update!

The following is what we’ve harvested so far. I’m very excited that we’re finally getting stuff off the vines!!! We’ve also got some tomatoes that are turning orange!!! YAY!!! Zucchini- 12.3oz Banana peppers- .9oz Burgundy beans- 12oz Rutabaga (with leaves as we will be using the leaves as well)- 2# 4oz Crookneck Squash- 13.2oz Lettuce- […]

My biggest harvest of the year

Don’t laugh, ok. We have a 3 month growing season, and the temps at night didn’t get above 42 until mid-July *sigh* I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! And then, I also got to pick these BEAUTIFUL specimens as well!!! And my IMPATIENT self came in, cleaned, peeled, cooked & mashed those babies up. PURE NOMMINESS!!! Like this? […]

Mini-update on the garden

I snapped a few pics in the garden tonight. Just a few of the plants fruiting! Now I pray that there’s enough time left in the season for them to ripen on the vines!!! Burgundy Beans: Bloody Butcher Corn: Crookneck Squash: Sugar Baby Pumpkin: Mystery Pepper: Squash & Melons climbing the trellis: Baby Maters: Like […]

Garden Harvest

I was able to get about 3 bowls full of peas this year. It was my first year growing & I didn’t get the inoculant in time, so I’m fairly pleased. There are more out there, but I’m letting them dry on the vine so I can save seed. I’m really trying to learn about […]

Pt 5 Patio & container gardens

Thyme: Spearmint: Herb garden in containers: Blueberry: 2 types of lettuce: Like this? You may also be interested in:I yam what I yam…..My babies are getting so big!

Pt 4- the small plot

The small plot, we have another type of corn, 2 other types of beans, rutabaga, our potato bin, carrots & some herbs….. I have 4-5 volunteer cuke plants in this bed. Since I’ve had such bad luck with my other cuke plants (that I planted on purpose) I’m leaving these one to see what they […]

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