Vacay from vacay & what it’s like without kids…

The weekend before last we went away for the weekend. Of course, coming home, we joked that we needed a vacation from the vacation we’d just had. We were able to visit Hubba’s grandmother (that lady will be 93 at the end of the month, and she’s still spunky as ever!!!). We saw his sister, […]

Kitchen Mini-redo

We bought this house a little over a year ago. It was built in 1921 (I love that!). The kitchen, I love not so much. See, there are cabinets on only ONE side of the kitchen (and even those cabinets circa 1932 are metal- eek!). We plan a reno, but until we can afford it, […]

HA! Look at this girl!

T’was a late night watching her last week. When her Mom called to LMK she was on her way, I carried her to the couch. She slept JUST like this, right through me getting her shoes & jacket on, LOLOLOL Like this? You may also be interested in:Kitchen Mini-redoYes, they can!!

More in the kitchen!

Ferments & brews, oh my! From left to right- Strawberry banana drinkable yoghurt, Avocado banana drinkable yoghurt, whey, carob drinkable yoghurt, buttermilk….. Xylitol candies. I made them in the candy molds then broke them up, as I haven’t bought one of those mint molds. These are GREAT and EXCELLENT for the teeth! I bought a […]

Yes, they can!!

Little ones can be such a big help when doing household chores. Here you see my 5 year old separating socks into piles. He also separated his & his brothers’ undies into piles. As a side note, last week we were out playing in the snow & Hubba told Little Girl not to eat yellow […]

There is nothing sweeter than…..

Tired little boys with Daddies…… Soft kitties so desperate to lay next to you, they lay on the butt end of a dog….. Kids glued to whatever suits their fancy……. Pink & smiles……. Milk-staches……. Like this? You may also be interested in:Mom things I never thought I’d say…..While I was away, pt 1

Girly stuff!

As you know, I have 3 boys. We do boy stuff- GIJoes, Transformers, Lego, worms, bugs, etc. Now that there’s a girl in da house, I get to do girly stuff- SQUEE!!! Yesterday we did our nails. Isn’t she cute? I thought I’d done a GREAT job on her nails. And then she did mine, […]

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