How To Easily Declutter & Simplify Your Kitchen

I have a confession. Iā€™m an addict. Iā€™m addicted. Iā€™m unashamed. See, I love all things kitchen. Appliances, gizmos, gadgets and doodads all have a way of finding their way into my kitchen. However, a while back, I realized what a mess Iā€™d gotten myself into. I started purging. I decided to make sure that […]

From Harsh Cleaners To Their Natural Counterparts

I have a small task for you. If you’re still using harsh cleaners in your home, take a look at the warning labels. I’ll wait….. ….. OK, you’re back! What did you find? I looked at some of my conventional cleaners. What I have left turned up almost nothing. I’m quite proud of myself for […]

Orange Oil Cleaner

I heard about this from a friend of mine, then embarked on a search for more information. Everybody’s doing so why shouldn’t I? And you, too!! šŸ™‚ This is one of the easiest things to do, and it goes right along with my waste not, want not tendencies. šŸ˜€   Like this? You may also […]

Homemade cat urine smell remover

[boilerplate ffaf] I’d been looking for this for several weeks. It never dawned on me to check my old blog. This concoction will work on many smells. We’ve had to use it for sour milk smell in the van & for plain ol’ stinky rugs. I’ve also used it to soak stinky clothes in. However, […]

My week long “internet sabbatical” in review

“A sabbatical is a period away from your normal routine – a time to immerse yourself in a different environment, a chance to see your life from a different perspective” This past week I have taken time away from the internet to refocus & play a little game of catch up. I did get online […]

My new washing machine…..

Oh how I hope not! And for the record, yes we have running water AND electricity here in Wyoming šŸ˜‰ Like this? You may also be interested in:Homemade "Windex"

Morning ladies (& any gents that may be reading)! We have been s busy! I have lots of pics & posts to get on here, so be patient with me. Got Markie this morning. I missed the little squirt. Haven’t had her since, um…. Saturday. Had to think about that, LOL. I overslept today. Have […]

Time for another break

Hello all. I’m going to be taking another net break this week. I’ve got some refocusing to do. I feel so good after taking net breaks, and hope this will be another week of rejuvenation! I’ve set up some posts that are scheduled to be posted each day, though. I hope you enjoy them and […]

Before & after end tables

We got these tables several years ago. In the move they got a bit beat up & Hubba has been complaining about them for even longer. So I decided to paint them to match the living room decor. Like this? You may also be interested in:Life these daysHow To Easily Declutter & Simplify Your Kitchen

Homemade “Windex”

See, here’s the thing. A few years ago I made a window cleaner recipe. Hubba LOVED it. He used it on the car. I LOVED it. It left no streaks & cleaned so well. I wrote the recipe on the side of the gallon jug I used to keep it in. Then someone threw it […]

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