Fisherman Eggs + a Collection of Egg Recipes

Since we raise chickens & ducks for eggs, we often have an abundance of eggs. I’m always on the lookout for egg recipes. A couple years ago, I came across numerous recipes for Fisherman Eggs. Some were intricate & involved. Some were simple. We tried them with plain, canned sardines & fell in love. Recently […]

“Blog Like a Pirate Day”

For a (mostly) complete list of fighting to take back our urban homesteading terms, similar to the one I posted yesterday, visit The Crunchy Chicken. She was still adding it as new links came in late last night. Like this? You may also be interested in:My week long "internet sabbatical" in reviewMy babies are getting […]

I yam what I yam…..

I’m a gardener. I raise small livestock. I can. I sew. I do all things primitive, and I do it on a scant more than a tenth of an acre. Then someone comes along & tells me I can’t anymore. OK, so I’m not not allowed to garden, raise small livestock, can, sew or do […]

My week long “internet sabbatical” in review

“A sabbatical is a period away from your normal routine – a time to immerse yourself in a different environment, a chance to see your life from a different perspective” This past week I have taken time away from the internet to refocus & play a little game of catch up. I did get online […]

Check out…..

Our new babies!!! Like this? You may also be interested in:Time to catch up….More in the kitchen!

Time to catch up….

Since TJ passed away, I’ve been very unmotivated. Between grief, the 15 days I was away from home, the 40+ hours on the road, less than optimal eating, etc. it’s been a long road getting back. A couple weeks ago here in frigid Wyoming, we had the most beautiful weather. It was in the upper […]

The Inn is Full

I went out to the coop yesterday to check for eggs. I have my Chickmunk in the nest & a buff orpington stepping all over her to get comfy….. Later I go out & Chickmunk is still in the nest, only this time Rocki is in there with her (Rocki did lay an egg in […]


And that’s all I have to say about that! Like this? You may also be interested in:Pt 5 Patio & container gardensThe chicken coop (long & pic heavy!)

Pt 5 Patio & container gardens

Thyme: Spearmint: Herb garden in containers: Blueberry: 2 types of lettuce: Like this? You may also be interested in:Garden pics!Fisherman Eggs + a Collection of Egg Recipes

Pt 4- the small plot

The small plot, we have another type of corn, 2 other types of beans, rutabaga, our potato bin, carrots & some herbs….. I have 4-5 volunteer cuke plants in this bed. Since I’ve had such bad luck with my other cuke plants (that I planted on purpose) I’m leaving these one to see what they […]

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