The Story of the Swimming Squirrel

It’s quite a short story, though. We have yet to turn our AC on for more than a few hours at a time this year. Even then, we’ve only done it 3 times. So while I was sitting at my computer yesterday, working away, I heard a bunch of commotion outside the open sliding door. […]

I LOVE Being a Homeschool Mom!!!

Spring is buzzing, and so are the bugs & the birds. We went out to catch lightning bugs & were amazed to see them mating!!! Yes, we KNOW they mate, but it’s one of those things you think you’ll never see except as a National Geographic special. Here’s how it went down. We had discussed […]

Busy Times

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for us. Today we have blacksmithing class, and tomorrow is the last day for our other homeschool classes. We’re supposed to have a end of year program in a few days, but I’ll have to play it by ear as to whether we can go. […]

Faces of Well-fed, Natural Living, Homeschooled Kids

We’re finally finding our footing after back to back moves, holidays & the stresses of everything in between. The past few months the boys & I have found some fellow homeschoolers & groups. Sebastion is taking a cooking class, Tristen is taking piano & Keenan has been enjoying a life science course. On top of […]

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