Orange peels, daffodils & for the love of a cat

The past few days have been “exciting” in our home. Over the weekend, Maya-kitty began acting…. differently. By Tuesday morning, she was dragging. Lethargic, not eating or drinking, not following us around as usual & crying loudly. She was just not our kitty. We were in the vet with her a few weeks ago with […]

Saddling up….. AGAIN!!!

We’ve just battled the stomach flu. We have NEVER ALL 5 gotten the same thing at the same time. Usually it’s 1-3 of us, or it’s at least a week or 3 apart. It was BAD. BADBADBAD!!!! We’re, thankfully, on the mend now. This year has sent us through so many loops & obstacles, […]

Year in review….. 2010

(This is a scheduled post) This has been my “bad” year. Here’s a recap of things, for those that don’t know, or for those that don’t know all of it: My brother passed away (January 25th) In ONE day (in March) My SFIL cut his thumb off in woodworking accident; my cousin was life flighted […]

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