Life Lately Pt. 3

Part one is here. Part 2 is here. [boilerplate ebates] This is part 3… I had my follow up appointment to be sure I was healing from the pneumonia. All looked well according to the doctors. Yay! Hubba hadn’t been believing me when I’d told him I was healing & feeling better. He decided I […]

Life Lately Pt. 2

It’s been 4+ months since I updated everyone on our life. Four. Months. I’m sorry. My name is Mud & all that other stuff. Let me explain… This is a VERY in depth story of my hospitalization, so be warned. The last paragraph in that post states that I was hospitalized. I came down with […]

Life Lately

  It’s been a couple months since I posted regularly. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I more or less disappeared for the month of August. Starting this last spring, we went through a ton of life changes & had a lot of “interesting” news. We found out that my sister-in-law was diagnosed […]

The Story of the Swimming Squirrel

It’s quite a short story, though. We have yet to turn our AC on for more than a few hours at a time this year. Even then, we’ve only done it 3 times. So while I was sitting at my computer yesterday, working away, I heard a bunch of commotion outside the open sliding door. […]

Orange peels, daffodils & for the love of a cat

The past few days have been “exciting” in our home. Over the weekend, Maya-kitty began acting…. differently. By Tuesday morning, she was dragging. Lethargic, not eating or drinking, not following us around as usual & crying loudly. She was just not our kitty. We were in the vet with her a few weeks ago with […]

Vacay from vacay & what it’s like without kids…

The weekend before last we went away for the weekend. Of course, coming home, we joked that we needed a vacation from the vacation we’d just had. We were able to visit Hubba’s grandmother (that lady will be 93 at the end of the month, and she’s still spunky as ever!!!). We saw his sister, […]

The 2nd move….. AND!!! A recipe :)

Hello ALL!!! I’m pleased to be back. I’m not promising anything grand, but for the moment, I’m aiming to blog once a week. For those that don’t know, we ended up moving. Yes. Again. We spent less than 2 ½ months in the Nashville area before Hubba’s company transferred him again. We’ve landed indefinitely in […]


We’re here in the South again. I’m pooped, & boy is it hot ‘n’ muggy. We’re waiting on a few pieces of furniture to arrive, so we can finish setting up & getting organized, so I hope to be back more regularly very soon! Like this? You may also be interested in:My week long "internet […]

Tuesday Twister

I am finally getting around to posting a Tuesday Twister, hosted by Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS. After a rough year & a very rough summer, I jumped in the kitchen, after the whole family came down with a stomach bug & decided I HAD to get back on the wagon. And.stay.there. On Thursday I got my […]

A couple pics from around here lately

We got a new kitty!!! This occurred on Sunday, August 15th. My poor babies, in the midst of being sick were actually getting along!!! And wonderful things to those that are patient. My wee bub lost his first tooth on Tuesday, the 17. But not just a tooth….. TWO teeth!!! Seriously, how lucky can a […]

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