How to Make Your Own Garlic Powder

   I love garlic in any shape or form. A few years ago I tried the Frontier brand garlic powder and I fell in love with it. It was so fresh tasting. I added it to my Amazon Subscribe and Save program. I decided I had to have it on hand all the time. At […]

Real Food Vs. Processed Foods, Let’s Compare Costs!

   This post was originally written in July 2012, please see disclaimer at the bottom of this post. While it is an older article, I find many of the comparisons are still relatively the same. Whole, real food comes in at a much lower price than their processed lookalikes! From Coupons I used to be […]

How To Juice a Juicier Lemon (and other citrus fruits!) + 26 citrus recipes

I love lemon. The boys love lemon. Hubba loves lemon. Lemonade. Lemon curd. Lemon bars. Cookies, cakes, etc. You get the point. When lemons go on sale. I stock UP! [boilerplate ffaf] So last fall when I found a box of organic lemons from one of our local buying clubs, I jumped at the chance […]

17 Uses For Whey

And not to use in your ferments 😉 [boilerplate ebates] Whey is the by-product of straining cultured dairy products like yoghurt, kefir & cultured cream. Whey is also acquired by cheese making. The solids you gather from straining off whey are the curds. Hence, Little Miss Muffet & her curds & whey. We make a […]

Orange Oil Cleaner

I heard about this from a friend of mine, then embarked on a search for more information. Everybody’s doing so why shouldn’t I? And you, too!! 🙂 This is one of the easiest things to do, and it goes right along with my waste not, want not tendencies. 😀   Like this? You may also […]

Orange peels, daffodils & for the love of a cat

The past few days have been “exciting” in our home. Over the weekend, Maya-kitty began acting…. differently. By Tuesday morning, she was dragging. Lethargic, not eating or drinking, not following us around as usual & crying loudly. She was just not our kitty. We were in the vet with her a few weeks ago with […]

Make Your Own Sprouting Screen

I wanted to buy a sprouting screen. But… it would be at least a couple of weeks before I received one & since I was so anxious to start sprouting, I decided to go for a sprouting bag (make my own with those dreadful sheers I mentioned awhile back). As I was looking through my […]

When life hands you leftover chicken…..

Make chicken salad!!! Hubba made some awesome chicken tenders fried in a pan. The next day I was craving chicken salad. How convenient, huh? So I diced up the chicken, & threw it in a bowl. Even scraped in the goo at the bottom (for flavour, ya know) Added some mayo, diced celery, mustard and […]

My coop update!!!

As of Thursday, the 7th, this is how far along the coop is. Let me share a little secret. Most of the posts I make are about a week behind. I typically unload my camera on weekends, and then I schedule posts for the whole following week (M-F). By the time you read this, I […]

Re-usable produce bags!!!

When we moved into this house, there were some awful sheers & draperies at the window. I sent them to the shed to go on Freecycle or thrift. I thought Hubba had taken them off, so I was disappointed when I found this tutorial on making re-usable produce bags. So I decided as I perused […]

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