Lavender Lemongrass Water Kefir Soda

This was a HIT! We used to buy these HFCS-free “jellies” from our ethnic market when we lived in Wyoming. The kids thought this tasted just like them. Using the “recipe” I posted yesterday for basic water kefir, add to each quart: 1 dried lemongrass stick 1 t. dried lavender This will be your first […]

How I Make My Water Kefir

  I’ll be sharing my lavender lemongrass kefir recipe soon. SOOOOO good! We just finished our batch off tonight. *I do buy white sugar, but only for my ferments. The ferments eat the sugar to grow themselves. By the time you consume your water kefir, the sugar is no longer in the liquid you drink. […]


This has been great! All of my current dried grains are spoken for and/or paid for. I will have another batch ready in a few days & will be setting more to dry in the next day or 2. Keep those requests coming & you’ll be added to the list on a 1st come, 1st […]

Questions about kefir

“I’ve heard of kefir, but I’m not really sure what it is.” Kefir (dairy and water) is a probiotic drink. It has many of the same benefits as yoghurt, however, it has more of a probiotic punch. Kefir does more to balance your system & heal your “gut” with good bacteria. Kefir can also be […]

Questions about kefir

“Hey, I’d like some but have on question, will they keep until our cow freshens end of April? I know very little about kefir, just what I’ve read on your blog but want to try some.” Dried kefir grains will keep for several months if stored in an airtight container in cool, dry conditions. To […]

My how they reproduce!!!

I am changing the post date on this to keep it at the top. The interest has been phenomenal, so I want to be sure everyone has a chance to see it. Please scroll down for newer blog posts!! I have been doing water kefir now for several months. My kids particularly love the “apple […]

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