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I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. Please use any advice on this site cautiously and only as it may apply to you. Do not use this advice in place of advice from your doctor, naturopath, veterinary doctor or other paid medical professional. I do not make any health claims for the information provided on this site. These things are SOLELY my own experiences, and they are solely what have helped OUR FAMILY. I cannot take responsibility for what happens when advice on this site is used without consulting with your medical professional. If you have consulted with your paid medical professional, all claims & advice will then become their responsibility.

You just might be helping a work from home Mom/Dad/Person!!

Some areas of this site may contain affiliate links. Some links will direct you to my own affiliates, whereas others may lead you to another person’s affiliates. I use caution when directing you to sites to buy certain brands of things. I will only direct you to items I’ve tried myself & would continue to use myself. I will only use affiliate links from others that I would also support. I will only ask for support in these links to those I feel are trustworthy. By clicking on affiliate links (my own or others), you help experiments continue in the kitchen; research done- some on sites we have to pay for; etc. And, we thank you for it!

What’s mine is mine!!

All images & writings presented on this site are mine, unless otherwise noted. If you feel the need to use them, you must acquire permission from me (Michaela, the RMVW) first, then follow the guidelines presented if use is permitted.

Diamonds may be forever, but links are not!!

I strongly urge you to use caution when clicking on links. When I post links, I check them & only link to sites that are G-rated, unless otherwise noted (for instance, I will warn you if a link goes to a homebirth site that includes pictures or something like that, as I know these may not be suitable for work). Sometimes, links become broken or bought by another website. It’s rare, but can happen, that you click a seemingly innocent link only to find yourself with your jaw on the keyboard & your small child standing next to you. Check these links before opening them in front of anyone you may not want seeing unsavoury stuff.

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